1er Marathon International de la Savane
3 pays Burkina-Ghana-Togo

Mardi, 13. Février 2018


In the Savanne region we plan a very special Marathon-event. We like to bring the message of running & charity to 3 countries close by: Burkina Faso, Ghana and Togo. Starting in Cinkassé with the feeds in Burkina Faso, crossing to Ghana and finish in Dapaong in northern Togo. If you look in the maps, you feel the passion of this idea. If you look into the faces of the people you feel the spirit of living in the savanne. 


Étienne Dable is a friend of the C.S. Mon Devoir people since long. He helped us a lot. We like to continue our charity mission and connect the well formed projects of Étienne and his team. Let us cross borders between us and between countries: Like people in history always done.   


At this time the three-country Marathon is just the idea. We made requests to the people who will decide about this all. So at this moment we have no roadmap at all. Please stay tuned and cross your fingers. We are working hard to get the permits. 


see you in Cinkassé and Dapaong


Map de la Savane

GPX Track